Blood Promise
By Richelle Mead
Year Published: 2009
Pages: 503
Edition: Paperback
Times Read: First time
Brought in: October 2009
Date read: 18th December 2009

So the fourth book in the series, the final one I read last week during my reading extravaganza, was pretty damn epic. This one focuses mainly on Rose and her search for Dimitri, who has turned Strigoi and returned to his homeland of Russia. She travels to his childhood home and meets his family, fitting right in with them like a widow, which is what they treat her like. After a while, she realises that he isn’t coming back there, so she sets off with some renegades to a nearby bigger town, where they take down a bunch of Strigoi. Word of her prescence somehow reaches Dimitri, for he finds her. The ensuing chapters are dedicated to her trying to find a way to kill the man she once loved, while trying to figure out her feelings for him now that he’s one of the evil undead, even though he can at times seem like the old Dimitri. The end is fabulous, even if I did predict it (again). Left a nice cliffhanger for the next book, which is bound to be another fantastically addictive read if the subject matter is anything to go on.

So with this book, it took me 6 hours to read from start to end, something I did on a lazy friday afternoon while biding my time until I had to attend a Lamb Of God concert with my brother (Not my choice, but his favourite band and I had promised him I would go with him months ago because nobody else would. It actually turned out to be a decent concert, but I digress). The book had a few slow moments, especially during the times when Rose was with the Belikov’s and seemed to have no real future plans in mind. The few throw in’s to Lissa, Christian and Adrian back at the academy made for a nice change from the norm and kept these important characters still in the main storyline even if they were not part of the main plot.

My final words:
Blood promise rating:
10/10 again. I cannot fault these books (even with the slight predictability of the climaxes of the book)
Would I re-read it? Hells yeah. I will definitely have to re-read it when the fifth book in the series comes out so I can refamiliarise myself with the plot, but it will be more of a pleasure than a chore to do so ^_^
Who would I recommend it to? Well fans of the series, teenagers of the female persuasion, and vampire enthusiasts. The usual, of couse.

As always, enjoy. These books, though aimed at people in high school, are enjoyable to read and are rather addictive. I recommend anyone looking for a decent series to pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.