By Richelle Mead
Year Published: 2008
Pages: 327
Edition: Paperback
Times read: First time
Brought in: June 2008
Date Read: December 16th (My birthday! ^_^)

The second book in the Vampire Academy series, Frostbite starts off with a nice little recap introduction, and then launches into the story pretty much from when we left off in the last book. The same characters are present, adding in Christian as Lissa’s boyfriend, and introducing the new character of Adrian (whom I happen to like quite a lot). The story begins with Rose and Dimitri driving out to some city for a test that Rose had to take. Upon arrival, they discover that the family they were visiting have been massacred, by the Strigoi. Chillingly, there appears to be humans helping these creatures. Scared by this, the Moroi and Dhampir at the academy, and their families, all jet off to some mountain getaway for the Christmas period, where they are all together and apparently safe.

The kids become restless and enraged by the fact that the older guardians and Moroi royalty appear to be doing nothing about these Strigoi attacks, so 3 of them set off to go find them. Rose, feeling guilty as she was the one that gave them the intel as to where they suspected the Strigoi were, heads off with Christian to go rescue the other three and bring them back to the lodge that everyone is at, before the older people realise they had gone. Instead, they all get captured and tortured by the Strigoi. Rose finally proves her worth as a guardian, but at an awful price.

I LOVED this book. It picked up when the last one left off, brings more drama to the Dimitri/Rose forbidden love saga, and has enough action in it to keep me rather entertained. I also loved that the bad guys got their asses kicked in the end, because let’s face it, everyone loves a happy ending. The only frustrating thing in this book is the fact that Dimitri and Rose still don’t get together by the end of it. They finally both admit their love to each other, but leave it at that… leaving me rather annoyed and rushing to my bookcase to dig out the third book in the series to read. As with the first book, this took me a day to read and I could not put it down once I had started.

Final ratings:
Frostbite rating
: 10/10 again. The fact I could not put it down, teamed with the continued reminiscing once I had finished it, lead to me rating it up there with some of my favourite books.
Would I re-read it?: Well yeah, of course I would. Probably would re-read it straight after re-reading the first book again, because this is the type of series where if you read one book, you gotta keep reading the rest. Prefably in order.
Who would I recommend it to? Same as last time, it’s a YA book about vampires. Aimed pretty much at the teenage female population, though I recon any vampire enthusiast might get a kick out of this view on the genre.