Living Dead In Dallas
By Charlaine Harris
Year Published:  2002
Pages: 291
Edition: Paperback
Times read: 2
Brought in: November 2007 (on a trip to Brisbane)
Date Read: December 7 2009

Ok so I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris, ever since I discovered her books on a trip to the USA a few years back. I had brought two of her books on a whim (having ran out of things to read on my two-month long holiday there) and had loved them instantly.

So for those who are not aware, the series I am talking about here is the one that spawned True Blood, the tv show about vampires and whatnot and that is pretty excellent as well. They just finished airing the second season of True Blood in Australia, which I had been watching, and had declared necessary to re-read the book the season was based on because I was pretty damn sure there was a lot of things missed from the book and a lot of things in the show that wasn’t mention in the book (and yes, there was).

The basic story of this book is this: Sookie, mind reading bar waitress from the South has been summoned by Eric, viking vampire hottie, to do his bidding in Dallas. Well, she’s given a job to do requiring her mind reading powers, and so she takes her boyfriend Bill, who is also a vampire, to guard her from the big bad nasties in Dallas. When they get there, Sookie is whisked off to the vampire laire to find out what happened to a vampire who has been kidnapped (in the tv show, the missing vampire is Godric. in the book, it is Farrell, and Godric is the one who kidnapped him. I’m thinking they skipped a few pages or chapters of the book when they were making the tv show). Eventually Sookie realises that the Fellowship of the Sun is responsible- they are the bad-ass church dudes who declare that vampires should be destroyed. basically, they are a bunch of douches who need to learn to not stick their noses in business they have no involvement with. Sookie infiltrates the church to find Farrell and Godric, and ends up being betrayed and held hostage. She is rescued, of course, and ends up home safely but with no time to rest, because the pressing issue of who killed Lafayette must be solved! oh yeah, Lafayette isn’t killed in the tv series, yet he is in the book. interesting… They find the killers eventually and the killers get whats coming to them, and the book wraps up nicely with no cliffhangers, no continuing story, nothing. basically, if the series was to end after this book, it could have done quite easily as everything you ask is answered basically.

So all in all, I loved the book, but having watched the tv show and then re-read the book, i’m noticing all the differences and it kinda ruins it all for me. The Maenad is much nicer in the book (i personally hated her in the series), but i love that Lafayette is still alive in the series (as opposed to being killed off within the first few pages of this book). Because the series and the book are so different, it’s hard to compare them as they both have their good points and their bad points.

My final ratings are:

  • Living Dead In Dallas (aka the book): 9.5/10.
  • Season 2 of True Blood: 10/10 (even if it is so goddamn different to the book)
  •  Would i re-read it? Definitely. I have re-read it! think this may be my third time or so.
  • Who would i recommend it to?: Well true blood fans, as this is a nice accompanyment to the show so you get a real feel for how it all came to be. Mainly i would recommend it to the 20+ female group, as i feel its a tad too… well mature for teenagers (though i read it as a teenager, i still feel that it would be better suited to people a bit more mature.) Oh, and if you’re gonna read this book, don’t read the “TV series tie in edition!” because lets face it, the classic version is the best.

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